Alberta & BC Rockies Nearby - Lac Des Arc to Canmore Attractions

Town Information

You approach Canmore and Banff National Park from the East. For a while it seems like the mountains are forever coming, and THEN they are THERE! Here are some of the more interesting elements of Canmore area's natural attractions (listed from East to West):

Lac Des Arc to Canmore Attractions

Beautiful lac Des Arc with Mount Grotto
Mount Grotto
This is the mountain from which all of the limestone is being quarried for the cement factory at Exshaw.

Lac des Arcs
A shallow windswept lake between Canmore and Dead Man's Flats, on the north side of the Transportation-Canada Highway. It is a favorite for windsurfers braving the lake's just-above-freezing temperatures. On the north side of the lake is a limestone quarry for the manufacture of concrete.

Deadman Flats is a popular rest and gas stop
Dead Man's Flats
This town was originally named "Deadman's Flats", after a person found there by early trappers. The name was changed to "Pigeon Mountain", after a proposed ski development (the clear-cut scars are still visible from the highway), but was changed back in the 1980s.

Mount Lougheed
This mountain, 10,200 ft (3,109 m) is the second highest in Kananaskis Country. This mountain is named after the first premier of Alberta, when Alberta became a Canadian province in 1905. The mountain is most visible from the Transportation-Canada, on the south side just east of Canmore.

Sisters, south of Canmore
The Three Sisters
This peak, with an elevation of 2,972 m (9,750 ft) is named after its resemblance to three nuns in their hoods. These peaks are most visible when you are dcriving east from Banff, on the south side of the highway.

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