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The road from Golden to Radium winds along a fairly level roadway along the Columbia River valley. To the east are the Tockies and the continental divide, to the west atre the Selkirks and the Purcells, the holy grail of deep powder heli-skiiers. The valley here is tall and deep, but the river is still small, compared to the size it gets by the time it passes Revelstoke (and having drained several more hundred miles of Rockies slopes).


Golden was first known as The Cache and Kicking Horse Flats. In 1883, when Canadian Pacific Railway surveying asistant Frederick W Aylmer heard about a development west of Banff being called Silver City, thought to call this community Golden City. The term "City" was dropped when the CPR arrived in 1885.

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Brisco is 29 km north of Radium (70 km south of Golden) and named for Captain Brisco, who accompanied Captain John Palliser on his early explorations in 1959. The first settlers cam in the 1880s, mainly by miners. Spillamacheen, named for the Indian word for "white water," is located at the confluence of the Spillamacheen River and Bugaboo Creek. Lead and silver were mined at the Silver Giant Mine, and transported out by steamboat on the Columbia River. A road was built joining Spillamacheen and Brisco in 1885, and in 1913 the first train came from Golden


Radium was first known as Sinclair Hots Springs, after an adjacent canyon named for trader James Sinclair (1806-1586) who brought Oregon-bound emigrants through the Canyon in 1841. The place was renamed in 1915 after high radioactivity was detected in the area's springs.

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