Alberta & BC Rockies Accommodation: Hotels Are Finally Catching on to the Environment Trend

Author: Adrianna Noton

The environmental trend is stealing headlines all over the world. People are finally realizing the damage that is being done to the environment and are starting to change the way things are done at home and the business world. The travel industry is no different and a positive environmental trend is sweeping through the hotel industry as a whole.

Not so long ago using renewable energy and having a recycling program were not profitable things to do. Because of this Corporate America was not willing to jump in with both feet. While there were some companies that did this anyway (and they should be applauded), others were waiting to see where the environmental trend would lead before they started to make changes.

The travel industry, specifically the hotel niche of it, was infamous for literally pouring money down the drain. There was literally tons of unnecessary laundry being done every day that was not only costing the hotel owners a lot of money, but was using unnecessary energy and water as well. Over the last few years, this whole process has changed for the better.

When a guest checks into their room today, they are going to see something that is not even close to what it was as little as 10 years ago. Hotels will now usually have signs up that suggests to guests to keep their towels for an extra day or to keep the sheets on instead of having them changed out every day. It is impossible to understand the impact that this immediately has on energy and water consumption.

Energy savings is always as hot topic and one that was always assumed to be wasted in hotels. Lights were left on all the time and bulbs were bright and energy wasting. Today, hotels rarely have unused rooms lit up and have gone the way of energy efficient lighting to try and cut down on their bills. This all adds up to enormous amounts of energy that is now being saved instead of wasted.

While most neighborhoods started recycling years ago, not all hotels were with the program. There was a time when the back of a hotel looked more like a trash dump than anything else. Unless you have worked in one, it is hard to imagine the amount of waste that is generated each and every day. Drive in the back of the hotel today and it is an organized area that has all of their trash separated for recycling.

Hotels have always had brightly lit parking lots and extra signage up to let people know that they are open for business. While this is understandable, it has also been excessive. Solar trees are popping up all over the place to replace standard parking lot lighting and more and more hotels are making use of perimeter solar lighting to light pool areas and such that used to burn standard bulbs.

When the corporate world steps up and makes a statement that it is time to start saving energy, people tend to take notice. The trickledown effect is enormous as ideas get put into the heads of guests and staff alike. It is great to finally see the travel industry have and promote a healthier environmental trend.

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