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Local taxis are a good way to get from our hotel to a local restaurants, or from the bars back to your hotel. The distances are deceiving to the eye, because of the heights of the mountains. And in downtown Banff, you can spend as much time finding a parking spot as you did driving! For just a couple of bucks you can get practically anywhere. Expect to spend $5-$7 to go from downtown Banff to either the Banff Springs or Tunnel Mountain.

Taxis are also a way to get between the towns, if you don't feel like driving, or don't want to wiat for a bus. They'll also take you up to the ski hills, if you missed your group's shuttle bus. Be sure to ask for pricing when you call to book a taxi.

Oh, yes, and if your driver was courteous and helpful, it is the custom to tip him (or her)! Tips on tipping.

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