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(NC)-December is a busy time of year with client lunches, get-togethers and holiday events. It is easy for the common cold to become the costly cold as it has been estimated that adults suffer two to five colds per year and having a cold is one of the leading causes of missed days at work (Source:

Because many viruses are transmitted through shaking hands, touching surfaces and then touching your face, the joyous handshakes and embraces at work functions could result in up to a week at home in bed for office workers, and a less-than-merry holiday season for both businesses and employees.

Help ensure the common cold doesn't ruin your holiday season by following these easy suggestions from Wet Ones Antibacterial Hands and Face Wipes:

  1. Although handwashing with soap and water is the most important way to reduce the spread of bacteria in and out of the office, soap and water are often not available. In these instances, experts recommend using pre-moistened hand wipes (Source: The convenient travel pack is perfect for briefcases and purses, and the canister is designed to fit into standard car cup holders.
  2. Feel like you can't take time off when you are under the weather? Many companies are flexible about working from home when you are ill. Your co-workers will thank you for keeping your germs to yourself, and you'll feel better sooner.
  3. With all the running around this time of year, it's especially important to try to eat a balanced diet and get seven to eight hours a night of sleep. Remember your vitamins, and try to get some form of exercise every day to give yourself a strong advantage against colds and the flu.

- News Canada

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