Alberta & BC Rockies Consumer: Green Product Checklist

Green Product Checklist

SECTION A: Is the Manufacturer using Sustainable Practices?

  • Is there a written, working environmental policy in place, and on their web site or product literature?
  • Are they making important improvements in manufacturing: reducing, reusing, and recycling?
  • Do they comply with their industry's voluntary testing programs?

    SECTION B: Review Product Components & Manufacturing

  • What are the raw materials used to create the product?
  • And where do they come from?
  • Did the materials come from renewable resources?
  • Is the manufacturing process energy efficient?
  • Does the manufacturing process release harmful substances?
  • Are adhesives needed to make the product viable?
  • What are they using?
  • Are coatings or finishes needed to make the product viable?
  • What are they using?

    SECTION C: Review Other Product Issues

  • Does the product nurture the health and well-being of its occupants?
  • Does the product do the job well?
  • How much energy does it use?
  • Does the product release VOCs? At what rate?
  • How is the product packaged and transported?
  • How is the product installed and maintained?
  • Does it have a color or texture that can lead to reduced lighting energy or an expanded range of thermal comfort conditions?
  • Can the product be maintained in a benign manner?
  • Using safe cleaning products?

    SECTION D: Lifecycle & Product Disposal

  • Is the product durable? Biodegradable? Recyclable?
  • Can the parts be separated for recycling?
  • Can it be made into something else?
  • Can the product be returned to its manufacturer at the end of its useful life?

    SECTION E: Cost Considerations

  • What is the price range for the product?
  • Does the manufacturer provide Life Cycle Cost information for this product?
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