Alberta & BC Rockies Parking

Parking in the mountains is generally an informal affair. There are just a FEW rules:
  • NEVER park or stop a vehicle where you see avalanche warnings
  • When stopping for wildlife or picutre-taking, ensure that you park where cars in BOTH directions can see with enough distance to stop (on busy stretches, campers may drive in the shoulder to let faster car traffic pass). NEVER stop on a curve.
  • When stopping for wildlife, NEVER get out your car for bears...and NEVER feed the animals.
  • In the towns, observe any no-parking signage
  • In Banff, there is lots of parking in the side streets, with several lots a block off the main Banff Avenue. These lots have one, three and twelve hour time limits.
  • You may not camp in any of the roadside viewpoints. You must use official camping spots (reservations often required).
  • If you park in the National Parks, make sure you have a Park sticker. Its OK to gas up inside the Parks, but if you are caught otherwise your car may be towed...very inconvenient.
SPECIAL NOTE: Because of overcrowding and narrow streets, large recreational vehicles and trailers are not permitted in the townsite and should be parked at designated trailer drop-off sites near the industrial compound and at the train station. In residential areas, vehicles must be moved within 72 hours. Parking restrictions are strictly enforced so it is very important to check all the signs when parking. If you are staying in-town, walk from your hotel or use the Town Shuttle, and use your car only for visiting the hot springs, Tunnel Mountain, Mount Norquay, or other attractions outside the town.
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